What is Discipleship?

Grow in Your Walk with the Lord & Invest in Others

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What is Discipleship and Why Does it Matter?

Often there is confusion between "Information Discipleship" and "Transformation Discipleship."

While Informational Discipleship is more about the transfer of information from one mind to another. Transformational Discipleship centered on experiencing God in the everyday occurrences of our lives.

Cross & Impact Discipleship Training School (DTS) is discipleship through an “experiential relationship process.” DTS is designed to help participants know God through a direct and genuine relationship with Him through experiential learning.

It is not just head knowledge but heart transformation under the anointing and impartation of the Holy Spirit and through community and relationship.

Practically, participants will be able to have on-going personal responses to God in times of worship, intercession, and prayer. They will dig deeper into His Word, learn to love in community, engage in small groups, and have one-on-one mentoring sessions. They will also practice what they learn in the lectures by serving in the local outreaches to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Then they will have international and further cross-cultural experience in the outreach phase by going to other countries.  

Discipleship Model:

  • Academic growth (Head, TRUTH)
  • Spiritual growth (Encounter, His Presence)
  • Social growth (Relationships)
  • Emotional growth (Heart Transformation)

Do you desire to go deeper with the Lord, and make an everlasting impact to the nations? Learn more about Cross & Impact Discipleship Training School.

About YWAM Shanti Hong Kong

Our mission is to love our neighbours and empower the marginalized to reach their God-given potential. We believe every person, no matter the background, culture, or race is special and has a calling and destiny to impact the nations.

Shanti means “Peace” in Hindi. Founded in 2006, YWAM Shanti is a Christian non-profit organization focused on reaching refugees, immigrants, and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. YWAM Shanti works along with local churches & NGOs in reaching the unreached.

Want More? Learn about Discipleship Training School (DTS)
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YWAM Shanti Hong Kong is a registered nonprofit organization (Registration Number: IRO-88 91/11090)